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2015, June - Malaysian Tamils-A overview in Hirawat Palace Mylapore

The program has started with Tamil Thai Vazhthu and Sri.Ashokji has given the Welcome address.

Sri.Ganesh Parasuram has delivered the speech with Visual presentation. He has covered about Malaysian country history and our Tamil people’s past history and current situation. His presentation is well detailed and he covered economics, religious freedom, politics and social status.  He highlighted about our Tamil people stateless conditions and economic situations


CCGS held a meet of Tamils from across the globe representing the Diaspora.  Titled as Akanda Tamil Ulagam – 2, (AKHU-2) at Golden Temple Sripuram (near Vellore) on 10th (Tuesday) and 11th (Wednesday) of January 2017. 

120 delegates from 22 countries including 15 CCGS volunteers participated in the conference. The theme of the conference was the ancient Tamil universal adage “YADUM OORE YAVARUM KELIR” (to us all towns are one, all men our kin), which is Tamil equivalent of  VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM, (World is one Family).

The conference started with delegates visiting the Golden Temple for a special puja on 9th Jan evening. The conference was inaugurated on 10th Jan morning after Gho Puja and prayers. Dr.G. Viswanathan Chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology delivered the Key Note Address. Shakti Amma’s blessings were conveyed to the delegates by Shri. Suresh Babu, Director of Sripuram.  Shri.Rajesh Sukul as representative of  Maha Rajguru of Thailand, conveyed the blessings of Rajguru. Prof. Dr Vannia Rajan delivered the welcome message and Ravi Kumar explained the purpose of the conference.

Prof. Suryanarayan set the tone of the conference by giving an Overview  of the Overseas Tamils. Shri. Su.Viswanathan, Shri. Sthanumalayan and Shri.Shyam Parande delivered special talks on Economic Principles in Thiru-Kural and Bhagwad Gita, Eternal Values for a dynamic society and Indian concept of Sewa. Dr. Shankar, Medical Director, Agarwal Eye Hospitals and Dr.Venkat Subbu of Darling Hotel Vellore & President, Tamilnadu Hotel Association also addressed the delegates

2017, March - Tamil Diaspora – Myth and Reality – 17.03.2017 @ New Woodlands Hotel, Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, Chennai

The book succinctly describes the challenges facing the Tamil Diaspora today. It focuses attention on the policies of the Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu towards them and what steps need to be taken so that the Tamil Diaspora could retain its Tamil identity, while at the same time, remain loyal citizens of the countries in which they live


Dr. Kalai Selvam Shanmugam, President, Tamil Sangham, Reunion was in Chennai recently. The Chennai Centre for Global Studies arranged an informal get together with those involved in the study and research on Tamil Diaspora. In his candid and frank presentation, Dr. Shanmugam described the nature of their migration, the trials and tribulations they underwent and how, despite heavy odds, the Tamil community has made a mark in the social, economic and political life of the county. In order to understand their problems, it is necessary to highlight certain realities about Reunion.

Dr Shanmugam’s lucid presentation was followed by a lively discussion. On the specific question of different religious practices co-existing in Reunion, it was felt that any attempt to project one form of worship to be superior to another form will create divisions within the Tamil Society.

The audience felt deeply pained when Dr Shamugam pointed out that some Gurukkals (Temple priests) brought from Tamil Nadu were more interested in making money than in spreading the gospels of Hinduism. The Visva Hindu Parishad must immediately take corrective steps in this matter.

Dr. Shanmugam highlighted and contrasted the policy being pursued by China in strengthening Chinese identity among the miniscule Chinese population. China, which has good relations with France, has opened Confucian centers in Reunion; these Centers teach Chinese language to the local Chinese and also encourage their regular visits to China.

Dr. Shanmugam suggested that it will be a good idea if the Government of India provides facilities for the Tamils in Reunion to acquire Overseas Indian Citizenship. Dr. Shanmugam has acquired Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) cards. It was easy for him because he migrated to Reunion after independence; he had also the necessary documentation about date and place of birth etc.


On June 25, 2019 Chennai witnessed a spectacular and memorable meeting. The meeting was organized by Andal Bakthargal Peravai and Chennai Centre for Global Studies. The Guest of Honour was Phra Maha Raja Guru Bidhsrivisudhigun, the religious adviser and preceptor to the King of Thailand.  The Rajguru performs the religious rites associated with coronation as a result of which the King acquires divinity and gets the title of Rama. The entourage of Rajguru consisted of four people, and they were dressed in white dhoti worn up to the knees, a white buttoned up coat and white shoes. What was striking about the entourage was their well- oiled kudumi (tuft) which proves that their ancestors hailed from Tamil Nadu. There are 14 Brahmins today in Thailand, they are highly respected and they keep alive the Hindu traditions. In fact, they are unofficial Indian ambassadors in Thailand.

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